Emory's Methodist Heritage

"Emory University has its roots in the founding of Emory College by the Georgia Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1836 and maintains a historical affiliation with that denomination's descendant, the United Methodist Church." (Emory University Bylaws)

The university values a relationship with the church and welcomes connections for mutual enrichment. This is expressed most fully by Emory's Candler School of Theology, a premier United Methodist divinity school, and the active United Methodist churches on each of Emory's campuses. Emory OSRL is responsible for supporting Emory's religious and philosophical diversity.

Emory's Methodist heritage continues to shape the university today, as the impetus for our mission to educate in the service of humanity.

There are many ways to engage with Methodism at Emory. These include:

Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church on Emory's Atlanta campus maintains close ties with Emory University. The Glenn/Emory Committeehelps to foster beneficial collaborations between Glenn Memorial UMC and Emory. Glenn Memorial UMC also offers Young Adult and Campus Ministry programs sponsored by the Georgia United Methodist Commission on Higher Education and Collegiate Ministry.

Glenn/Emory Committee Members:

  • The Rev. Maddie Henderson, Christian Chaplain, Office of Spiritual and Religious Life, Emory University
  • The Rev. Brent Huckaby, Associate Pastor, Glenn UMC
  • Deborah Marlowe, Glenn UMC and Board of Trustees, Emory University
  • The Rev. Dr. Gregory McGonigle, Dean of Religious Life, Office of the President, Emory University
  • Mathew Pinson, Glenn UMC
  • Don Saliers, Glenn UMC and Candler School of Theology, Emory University
  • Emily Washburn, Glenn UMC
  • The Rev. Mark Westmoreland, Senior Pastor, Glenn UMC

Emory University Historian Emeritus Gary Hauk has written a brief history of Emory and Methodism here:
Part 1: Emory and Methodism Across the Years
Part 2: Emory and Methodism, Part-2

In addition, Emory OSRL maintains strong connections with United Methodist interfaith leaders nationally, including OSRL Dean Emerita Susan Henry Crowe and Professor Diana Eck of the Harvard Pluralism Project.