OSRL Student Workers

The Student Staff Program provides the opportunity to learn about the multifaith work of the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life and to assist our dean, chaplains, and staff in fulfilling essential functions that support our programs and services. Responsibilities include hospitality and communications, data and record management, web and publications work, and special event staffing and support.

The OSRL often hires new student staff each semester. To inquire about potential student staff positions in the OSRL, please contact religiouslife@emory.edu.

headshot of lydia han

Lydia Han 21C

Major/Minor: Sociology BA, Global Health Minor

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Travel, Dance, KSEA

What do you like best about working at the OSRL?

The office has provided me with many opportunities to grow and gain work experiences in a friendly environment. Everyone is supportive and has provided genuine care for my well-being, both as a student and a worker. The staff is amazing, and the office is always filled with new events for you to enjoy! It's a great community to be a part of.

Headshot of Andy Marati

Andy Marati 23C

Major/Minor: Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology BS

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Music, working out, PhiDE

Why did you want to join the OSRL staff community?

I wanted to join the OSRL staff community because I am excited to get involved in the great work that they do to engage with religious communities at Emory, as well as guiding each individual student in any way they can. I am looking forward to learning more about myself and the perspectives and experiences of others through the programs and opportunities that the OSRL provides!

Headshot of Nivi Nimmagadda

Nivi Nimmagadda 24C

Major/Minor: Neuroscience and Behavioural Biology BS, Psychology BA

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Poetry, Writing, Volunteering, Hiking

What do you like the best about working at the OSRL?

The office does a great job of making everyone feel welcome and acts as an open space for people from all walks of life and various backgrounds. Everyone is extremely helpful and supportive. The staff is very friendly and always willing to give you a hand.

Headshot of Dom Refuerzo

Dom Refuerzo 20C

Major/Minor: Music Composition BA, Mathematics BA

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: chaiTunes a cappella, Emory Conversation Project, Music composition honors recital, Musical theatre

What do you like best about working at the OSRL?

The people in the office are so wholesome and welcoming! I feel very appreciated and supported here. My coworkers always ask about my various performances because they know that I am involved in music and musical theatre on campus. They also give me guidance when I am in troubling times. The OSRL is one of my favorite communities at Emory!

Headshot of sarah swiderski

Sarah Claire Swiderski 23C

Major/Minor:Neuroscience and Behavioural Biology BS, Creative Writing BA

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Student Theater, Concert Choir, Bread Coffeehouse, Undergraduate Literary Publishing

Why did you want to join the OSRL staff community?

The OSRL position gives me a unique opportunity to interact with the different spiritual communities on campus. I highly value the services and meditation spaces that we provide through the office, and being in the AMUC puts me near a lot of valuable offices at Emory. It's good to be reminded of the different resources available to students when I come into work every day, and I'm glad to be working in an office that I really care about.

Headshot of Niki Vasan

Niki Vasan 24C

Major/Minor: Undeclared

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Working out, Emory PPGA

Why did you want to join the OSRL staff community?

I want to work here because I truly believe in the office's mission of fostering a supportive, inter-faith community on campus. I look forward to helping OSRL provide amazing on-campus resources for Emory students while being surrounded by a friendly and welcoming staff!