OSRL Student Workers

student workers

The Student Worker Program provides the opportunity to learn about the multifaith work of the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life and to assist our dean, chaplains, and staff in fulfilling essential functions that support our programs and services. Responsibilities include hospitality and communications, data and record management, web and publications work, and special event staffing and support.

The OSRL often hires new student workers each semester. To inquire about potential student workers positions in the OSRL, please contact religiouslife@emory.edu.

headshot of Claudia headshot

Claudia Smith

Claudia joined the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life student staff team in September 2022. 

Claudia is a second-year student from the DC metro area studying Economics and Psychology. Curious about human behavior on both the personal and mass level, she plans to pursue research that integrates her two areas of study. She also hopes to someday earn a law degree. Beyond her academic interests and OSRL student worker position, Claudia is a dedicated member of Emory Buddhist Club, a team lead and analyst to nonprofit organizations in Emory’s 180 Degrees Consulting branch, and a player on the Club Field Hockey team. She views her involvement with the OSRL and its various programs as playing a crucial role in both her educational pursuits and personal growth.

In her free time, you can find her outdoors (running, hiking, or just plain sitting), spending time with her friends, or cuddling up with her stuffed animals and favorite book.

Headshot of Chris Lawrence

Christopher Lawrence

Christopher joined the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life student staff team in October 2021. 

Christopher, an NYC native, is a fourth year in the college majoring in Psychology with a minor in Spanish. His goal is to become a clinICal psychologist for NASA astronauts to connect his passions of space exploration and mental health. Christopher is currently the president of the Voices of Inner Strength (VOIS) Gospel Choir on campus. Christopher has been serving in VOIS since his first year at Emory, under the leadership of our office’s own Music Director, Maury Allums. Before his time at Emory, Christopher was active in the youth affairs for his churches in New York. He has had a passion for singing Christian and Gospel music and loves to color his music through his unique voice. He is excited about being able to bring that passion and creativity to the Emory community for one more year.

Christopher is a current member of All Nations Worship Assembly of Atlanta, in Marietta, GA and sings on the worship team there. Christopher is very excited about serving the OSRL office in a new and special way. He is very excited about welcoming students to the services and meditation spaces that our office has to offer them. Christopher enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, and singing or lip-syncing show tunes into a broomstick or remote. “Don’t judge my funnies.”

Headshot of Niki

Niki Vasan

Niki joined the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life student staff team in January 2020 and again in September 2022.

Niki is a fourth year student in the College majoring in Quantitative Sciences with a concentration in Sociology and minoring in Computer Science. She has spent the past two summers interning for tech companies, and after graduation, she hopes work in tech full time as a Data Scientist. At Emory, she is a leader in the QTM Ambassador cohort, which works with the QTM department and external partners to further the goals and experiential learning experiences of QTM majors. 

A Bay Area native, Niki attended a progressive Catholic high school and has since developed a strong appreciation for interfaith initiatives and building communities through cultural and religious means. In her free time, you can probably find her at the gym, thrifting, hanging out with friends or enjoying a good book at the beach!

Headshot of Clara

Clara Watkin 

Clara is an Atlanta native who grew up about 10 minutes away from Emory. As a junior at the nursing school, she stays busy between school work, exploring Atlanta, and hanging out with family, friends, and her pets. Clara was president of the Wesley club at Oxford, and was overjoyed to join the new Wesley club on the Atlanta campus! You can also find her in the AV booth at Beloved Community on Sundays. As a pastor’s kid, Clara has spent most of her life working towards being a kind and hospitable Christian and hopes to use this in her work as a nurse one day.