Interfaith Speaker Series

The Interfaith Speaker Series is an occasional series sponsored by the Emory Office of Spiritual and Religious Life and various cosponsors that seeks to promote religious and philosophical literacy, interfaith dialogue, and intersectional relationships to advance service and social justice. Speakers may be of any religious or philosophical background, and are invited to speak on themes that are relevant to multiple religious traditions with the goal of advancing thoughtful interfaith learning and engagement within the university community. Building on the great tradition of spiritual leaders who have worked across faith lines to advance justice and peace, it seeks to reduce stereotypes, prevent polarization, and foster common action for the common good. For more information, please contact

Interfaith Speaker Series: Monotheism in Islam and Other Faiths with Dr. Celene Ibrahim 
Friday, January 27, 2023, 2:30 pm, Halal Lunch, 3:00 pm, Lecture, Brooks Commons, Cannon Chapel
How do Islamic concepts of the divine nature and attributes both resonate with and differ from those of other faiths? How can Muslims be in generative dialogue with traditions and philosophies that espouse differing concepts of the divine nature?
Dr. Celene Ibrahim will offer an array of scholarly resources and fruitful avenues for theological and practical interfaith engagement. 
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