Memorial Services

memorial service

Emory University OSRL is honored to assist loved ones, friends, and colleagues in celebrating the lives of Emory students, faculty, and staff members. Such memorial services are generally distinct from and take place after family funerals, and they provide an opportunity for the campus community to mark the loss. These services can be religious in nature or more spiritual or humanistic.

Under the leadership of the Dean of Religious Life, all of the chaplains in the Emory University Office of Spiritual and Religious Life may be asked to serve as memorial service officiants for a standard honorarium. If another officiant is desired, they must be approved by the Dean of Religious Life.

Cannon Chapel is the preferred location for campus memorial services, and it offers many benefits in terms of logistics, music, equipment, etc. Charges are borne by the requesting party, School, or department, with OSRL helping to coordinate the service planning and leadership, music on piano or organ, AV support, greeters, publicity, a flower arrangement, printed programs, and a reception if desired.

For more information, please contact one of the chaplains: OSRL Staff. OSRL can also help to provide referrals for alumni, families, and friends of the university, whether near or far. For support please click here grief-and-loss-support.