Journeys of Reconciliation

A group in front of a sign for Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Journeys of Reconciliation is an inter-religious immersion program, open to students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Emory University, that explores the root causes of conflict and builds relationships between Emory University and communities in the U.S. and around the world.

At the program's heart is an affirmation that barriers of race, religion, nationality, gender and class can and ought to be overcome. The program invites groups to encounter the world's complexity, to hear stories of pain and liberation, and to seek wisdom outside the university walls.

Each trip carries the hope that participates will be transformed into more thoughtful and caring citizens of the world.

Journeys participants commit to the following:

  • Attendance and participation in three pre-departure meetings
  • Payment of trip fees prior to departure (payment plans, fundraising assistance and scholarships are available)
  • Submit post-Journey reflections to the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life

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Our Values


We learn about conflict, peace, compassion and justice as we explore the landscape of the communities we visit and hear the stories of people we meet.


Students, faculty, staff, and alumni develop respect and friendship as we travel. Each group is multi-disciplinary, multi-generational, multi-religious, multi-ethnic, and multi-everything! While we learn about the communities we visit, we develop a beautiful community together.


We seek ways to foster mutual respect and lasting relationship with those we visit. We offer the gifts of openness and listening as we invite friends to share their stories of pain and liberation.

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