unexpected u

Unexpected^U is a small intimate conversation where we gather to learn unexpected things about ourselves. Often, we explore the different kinds of virtues and values we hope to embody. The goal of Unexpected^U is to explore how we actually use these values in different situations. We focus on how we choose to show up in the world by exploring the centers of value and power we hold on to and the stories from our traditions that bring to life the differing and unique values taught by them. Enjoy great conversation, movie nights, and more.

Unexpected^U is a joint progrom with Emory Residence Life and meets every Wednesday in the SAAC Lounge on Clairmont Campus at 8am with a light meal. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the current week's topic and any special events.

For more informaiton email Rev. Kevin Crawford @ kevin.crawford@emory.edu

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