Recent Journeys

2016 Journeys


This journey takes us to Bosnia-Herzegovina, a laboratory for 21st century co-existence.  Located in the heart of Europe, Bosnia-Herzegovina is the crossroads of cultures and empires.  This Journey of Reconciliation trip will explore nationalism, human rights, intercultural coexistence and post Cold War European society. Sarajevo is often referred to as a “European Jerusalem” and will offer opportunities to explore religious identify, art history and rebuilding a culture of democracy.


The newly opened US Embassy in Havana and the raising of the American flag signaled a move towards reconciliation and normalization of relations that the two countries had not seen in 54 years.  This new détente offers a valuable opportunity for US colleges and universities to explore the many layers of Cuba. The Journeys program has traveled to Cuba on three occasions and the purposes of each trip was to learn about the historical tensions between the two countries, Cuba’s rich and surprising religious diversity which includes the active role of religion in social change in the country and the people and culture.