2001 Northern Ireland Journey

Thirteen members of the Emory University community travelled through much of Northern Ireland, from Belfast to Ballycastle to Derry, and concluded their trip in Dublin, the Republic of Ireland.

In Belfast, the team went to Stormont, the governmental center of Belfast and met political leaders from Unionist parties, the Women's Coalition, and Sinn Fein.

They were exposed to various perspectives of the conflict. Father Kenneth showed them the neighborhood of Adroyne where young men were killed by the IRA. In Ballycastle, the group visited Corrymeela, a retreat community dedicated to helping people on their journeys toward peace and healing. In Derry, the team visited the site where 13 people were killed when fired upon by British soldiers.

A Poem by
Heather Cripps Williams

lush and beautiful
interesting and complex
conflict rising
passions changing
a web of ideas, goals, and feelings
a past in the present
skeletons walking with the people each day
yet, songs in their hearts
words of sweet blessings
trying to overcome the
struggles and hardships
death and suffering of the


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